Travel the world and get paid for it!   We have been online since 1995 providing the most essential, up-to-date cruise ship employment resources to job seekers.  Get out of the cold, and start working today!

Finally, insiders reveal the true backdoor industry secrets to finding and securing a cruise ship job quickly and easily...

Providing Vital Cruise Ship Employment Resources,

Tools, Information & Industry Contacts Since 1995

   Get Paid To Travel To Most Beautiful Places In The World.  Visit: Hawaii, The Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Alaska, Eastern U.S., Eastern Canada, All of Europe, China, India, Southeast Asia, South Pacific, Eastern Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Baltic Sea, British Isles, Mediterranean, and the Black Sea.
Tax-Free Employment.  Forget paying taxes...  You'll soon learn that not only do cruise lines provide an opportunity to fulfill your dreams of traveling the world, but you don't have to worry about paying taxes.  Cruise Ship employees enjoy a tax-free income, along with a slew of additional benefits.
Join in on social networking and meet new people from nearly every country in the world.  While onboard, you will meet people and make friends of all nationalities and walks of life.  Make a new friend while your time onboard, then visit them in their country after your work contract is over.  You will make lifelong friends! There is definitely no other job that offers this kind of social diversity. Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity.
Work and Live onboard a luxury cruise liner and discover what life is all about! You will work on some of the biggest cruise ships in the world, and meet guests & crew from all over the world.  A fun and exciting environment is only an application or phone call away!
ZERO EXPENSES - That's right.  NADA!  You will have no living expenses whatsoever.  That means you save all monies earned.  There is no cost for room and board.

With over 10 years helping cruise ship job seekers find employment on cruise lines, we have just recently put together the most powerful and useful cruise ship employment resource package on the Internet, ever compiled.

We have found that over recent months an increasing number of web sites have been providing outdated, inaccurate cruise ship employment information. Due to this growing problem, we felt that a new face on the industry was needed. So our industry professionals went ahead paved a new and sure-fire way of helping cruise ship job seekers find employment within their area of expertise.

Yes, there are sites that tout they provide the most comprehensive set of resources & tools, but the fact is, securing a cruise line job can be a daunting task simply due to the overwhelming amount of new job seekers annually.  Human resource departments & hiring managers are being flooded with new applications & resumes on a daily basis.

We have created the most complete & powerful cruise ship employment industry kit ever to be offered online at one place.

The Cruise Ship Job Insiders® Backdoor Employment Package

The question is:   How do you separate your resume from the rest of the applicants.

Well, that's what our new Cruise Ship Employment Package is designed to address, so that you position yourself in a way that you stick out from the crowd.

Why Cruise Ship Jobs?

The fact is, cruise ship jobs offer a host of benefits that most land based employment do not.

QUITTING THE RAT RACE: You see, most people who look for work on a cruise ship are looking for something different out of life.  Cruise Ship Job seekers have a thirst for adventure, fulfilling their dreams while getting paid at the same time.

Employment on cruise lines offer this.

Below, You Will Find A Short List Of Reasons

Why Cruise Ship Employment Life Might Be

Right For You

  FREE TRAVEL - Get paid to travel the world.  Earn $1200-$7000 a month on a cruise line and save all monies earned as there are no expenses.  Entertainers can earn up to $12,000 + a month.
  FREE Cruise Ship Excursions - Passengers pay hundreds of dollars to participate in excursions.  As a crew member, they are completely free.  Some of the excursions you will be eligible for are 1.) Swimming with the dolphins, 2.) Various Boating Rides, 3.) Whale Watching, 4.) Scuba Diving, 5.) Sight seeing Rides, "Airplanes and Helicopters" 6.) Canoeing, 7.) Hovercraft, 8.) Exploring ancient cities, 9.) Elephant and Camel Rides, 10.) Bunji Jumping, 11.) Bar & Pub Hopping, plus so much more...
  ROUTINE EMPLOYEE PARTIES - Eat and drink as much as you would like.  Meet up at the crew bar and make new friends from around the world.  If your looking to socialize or looking for onboard romance, this is the place to be!!!  Designated gathering areas in the wee hours of the morning are where the action is at!
  DRINKS AT COST - Have a few Caribbean cocktails as low as a $1 cocktail.  Some nights are free!
ZERO EXPENSES - One of the most important benefits to note is that there are absolutely NO EXPENSES.  Living on land could cost $1,000+  a month.  Cruise ships offer ZERO living costs.   All money earned is saved and transferred to your bank in your home country.  With zero living expenses, you will be able to apply the money you saved by putting a down payment on a new house or car, and you can pay down all debt.  You will finally take control of your finances.
USING ONBOARD FACILITIES - While onboard, you will enjoy the same facilities that guests use during certain hours of the day.  This includes  Day & Night Jacuzzi Time, Massage Sessions ; - ), free happy hour cocktails at the bar areas., 3.) Dance Clubs  In addition to these perks, there are also sporting facilities available for you to have fun and keep healthy.  These include: Indoor Golf, Ping Pong Tables, Volleyball, Basketball, Batting Cages, Outdoor and Indoor Pools, and Jogging Track, Arcades, plus so much more...
100% FREE ROOM, BOARD AND ALL THE FOOD YOU CAN EAT - As a crew member, eating high quality cruise line food has always been a favorite.  At any given time of the day, you will be able to load up a plate of food at any of the self-serve buffets BBQ pits.  You will also have unlimited access to the International Buffet 's including Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Asian and many more.  Oh, we almost forget.  THE PIZZA BUFFET!!!
ZERO TRAVEL EXPENSES - Cruise Lines will pay for your ticket to and from the ship.
YOU CHOOSE LENGTH OF CONTRACT - Whether you want to work for 1-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 1-3 months, 4-6 months, or are looking to sign a 1 year employment agreement, you will be in control the entire time.  You may also negotiate the details of your contract at signing so that you can guarantee certain hours or days off so that you can enjoy yourself.


With over 10 years in the Cruise Ship Employment Industry, we can honestly say that working on a cruise ship is by far one of the best jobs anyone could possibly have.

Aside from the plethora of benefits described above, you will essentially become a self-sufficient International Traveler, while getting paid a substantial amount of money weekly or monthly.

While you're off sailing on a cruise ship, visiting different cities and island hideaways, your friends and family will be nothing short of jealous as they read your email from some small cafe you sent in the Caribbean.

Regardless of which country you reside in, what language you speak or your work experience, the cruise line industry offers something for every one, regardless of age.

Below, you will find a list of countries that you

can apply from:

Apply For  A Cruise Ship Job From

Any Of The Following Countries

Within our Cruise Ship Job Insiders - Employment Package offered at our web site, you will find all of the inside industry resources, tools, tips, information & contacts you'll need to quickly & easily find employment aboard a cruise line.

The Ultimate Cruise Line Employment Package Crammed With All Of The Educational Tools & Resources you need to find the job you're looking for on a cruise ship.


With our package, you will receive:


Our Cruise Ship Job Resume/CV

Broadcaster® -

Brought To You By H.I.R. & Our International Software Development Team Exclusively For Cruise Ship Job Seekers

You will only find this little gem at The Cruise Ship Job Insiders and and cannot be found no where else on the Internet.   We've learned over the years, that Resume/CV exposure is key.  With a built-in list of inside industry email addresses, you will be able to click a button and send your Resume/CV out directly to key hiring managers, human resource departments, and cruise line employment agencies.

Of course, mailing a hardcopy of your Resume is always a good idea during your cruise ship job search, you shouldn't discount any other means of distributing your resume.

Our software application is an automated Cruise Ship Resume Distribution Software designed to automatically forward a fully composed email, and attachment to our exclusive inside list of cruise ship employment agencies, concessionaires, hiring managers & employment agents around the world.  What better way to let the industry know about your desire for a cruise ship job than this.

Our Cruise Ship Job Insiders eBook

- How to Get A Job On A Cruise



There has never been a more in-depth, insightful, comprehensive, up-to-date eBook on the subject of cruise ship employment than ours.

Within our step-by-step eBook, you will learn everything you need to know about the industry, including information about phone interviews, and preparing your resume for distribution.

Our Cruise Ship Job Insiders eBook

- Contact Directory

Within this eBook, you will find the largest compilation of cruise ship job contact information ever put together.  Included in the eBook, you will find thousands of Cruise Line Addresses, Phone & Fax Numbers, Web Site & Email Addresses.

1.) DIRECT contacts to the people who actually do the hiring.  You will find contacts to nearly every concessionaire, small, medium and large cruise line operations, including yachts.

2.)  DIRECT little-known hot links.  Just click on the employment links under the cruise line listings, and submit your application.  These are purposely embedded in their site, away from the masses, so they don't get bombarded with the resumes.  They only want to hire people who are serious, so they figure, if you find their hidden application, you've halfway there.

3.) DIRECT inside industry email addresses.  Not only will you be able to broadcast your resume to the hiring agencies around the globe, but you will have the largest list of cruise line hiring email addresses ever compiled on the web.

4.) DIRECT physical & postal mailing addresses to nearly every major concessionaire, cruise ship employment agencies, recruiter, hiring manager and human resource department.  Once you open this eBook, we are confident that you will be this colossal list of industry mailing addresses.

5.) DIRECT and secret backdoor office phone & fax numbers that we know will prove to be a valuable resources.  Just make a few phone calls, and send your Resume/CV via fax and you may just get a cruise ship job within a day or two.




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